Carrie R. Lust

Carrie R. Lust is a highly configurable phone-cost and online time tracking utility for OS/2 in the tradition of Richard Papo's MemSize systemresources monitor.

You may choose freely what values out of 11 available should be displayed, may let Carrie warn you in several ways (Beep, messagebox, etc.) when certain events happen (end of current unit, user configured time limit reached, user configured costs reached, etc.) and may log all connections to a file.

The scheme, after which the charges to be applied are determined, may be configured by the user to suits her/his needs (though especially this feature is still far from what I want it to be ...)

Carrie may automatically detect, when a connection is established and start the counter and stop it again afterwards.

Current version

Current version is 1.17 (released March 2000)

The following things were changed/added:


Carrie R. Lust may be either downloaded from this site or from Hobbes:

The MD5 checksum for is 87e9772e6f685aa02b7986a13b140fc7. If you have GnuPG or PGP you may also be interested in the GPG signature for Please read the security notes.


Starting with v1.17 Carrie R. Lust is free software under the GPL.

It still would be nice if you decided to write me a short mail (<thth*>) or postcard or something telling me if you like the program.


Next release

There will not be a next release, at least not from me. The source code for the program is available, so everybody has the opportunity to add features or remove bugs him/herself.


You can e-Mail me at <thth*> but I'm not really able to provide support any more.

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