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Here you find all of my raytraced images that I created over the years; nearly all of them as covers for the Team Trier Collection-CDROM for OS/2 (That should explain the "OS/2" visible everywhere :-).

The images where rendered using POV-Ray in various versions, first on OS/2, later on Linux. All scenes were created without any modeler/scene designer but only using a normal text editor. Except where noted, all models were created by myself and using only CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry).

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized version of the images (in JPG-format) but be warned, some of them are a little large (up to 670 KB).

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All of the images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Warpcity Sunset

Wide view over skyscrapers in the evening sunlight; a robot waving its hand to the viewer is standing in the front.

The cover for the TTC'7, October 2000.

This is the first TTC cover which was created using POV-Ray (previous covers up to #5 where hand drawn, #6 was done using a combination of Neon Grafix 3D and the Gimp).

Unfortunatly the POV-Ray sources to this one got lost; I always wanted to make a new version of it but until now haven't found the time.

The Right Time


The cover for the TTC'8, April 2001.

Designed (partly) after a "scene" on my bedside table :-) The image on the CD is an image map using a scan from the original CD.

(Large version will be available later, I first have to re-render it)

The Vault


The cover for the TTC'10, May 2002

This image originally featured a "mist" but with it the rendering took so long and the effect was barely noticable so I decided to remove it later. Also the images in the back featured different motives (covers from the TTC'8 and TTC'9).

(Large version will be available later, I first have to re-render it)

The End Of The World

(Preview) (Preview)

The cover for the TTC'11, January 2003.

The design of this scene took quite some time, especially because of the locomotive model. Still I'm far from satisfied with the end result as most of the stuff doesn't really look very convincing.

The title of the picture may also be a surprise but you'll have to see the original version (second image; inspired by the cover to Motörhead's "Orgasmatron") to understand it. I liked it much better than the new variant but the members of our club where against it :-)

(Large version will be available later, I first have to re-render it)

Low Level Approach


The cover for the TTC'12, October 2003.

Features simple geometric models with UV textures created with Gimp. The flare effect was added with Gimp and the color of the image was slightly adjusted.

Summer Garden


The cover for the TTC'13, April 2004.

This was my first try on "nature" scenes, featuring tree and bush models created using an old version of the maketree-macro by well known raytracing artist Gilles Tran.

(Large version will be available later, I first have to re-render it)

The Well Of Simplicity


The cover for the TTC'14, November 2005.

Another try on more "natural" scenes. Still one of my favourites.

The Well Of Simplicity's Identical Twin Sister Dingo


The cover for the TTC'15, April 2005.

A variant on the previous, using the same "Well" model. The name is a reference to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" obviously :-) The "lights" on the lower wall ring are not real lights, but only spheres with a very bright texture. I wanted to use actual light sources for them too but the rendering time unfortunatly got unbearably long with this.

Rigged Game


Entry to the Internet RayTracing Competition, August 2005.

My first (and until now only :-) entry for the Internet RayTracing Competition, Subject "Minimalism". Didn't win anything but got some favourable comments.

Wuffdog's Day Out


The cover for the TTC'16, November 2005.

If you wonder about the title, the picture was supposed to include a little dog err... urinating on one of the pedestals :-) Unfortunatly I lost the dog model due to a harddisk crash (actual two, as my backup disk decided to crash at the same time... but that's another story) and had no time to recreate it for the TTC release. The image and exhibition title in the background are a reference to the wonderful "Krazy Kat" cartoon series by George Herriman.

The North Tower


The cover for the TTC'17, April 2006.

Done in "Tripharium" style (I'll leave it to the viewer to find out what that means and where it comes from :-). The title of the picture is a reference to (a level of) the game "Thief 3 - Deadly Shadows", one of my favourite games.



The cover for the TTC'18, November 2006.

I always wanted to do a picture with a south sea flair and here it is. The boat was modeled with Wings3D and is one of the very few of my models that were not created using CSG alone. The palms where created using a tree generating program whose name escapes me at the moment; sorry!

Glass And Steel


The cover for the TTC'19, April 2007.

In this scene I wanted to experiment with and use caustics but the result is nearly invisible in the final image. The scene also uses a number of earlier models, including the pen, the dice, the chess pieces and the locomotive, though with textures different from the originals. And no, I can't tell you where you can buy the nice glass mousepad, it comes wholly from my imagination :-)

Remembrance (Planet Of The Hover Trees)


The cover for the TTC'20, December 2007.

This image was created to resemble the cover of the very first Team Trier Collection-CDROM. As usual the whole pictures was created using nothing but a text editor and PovRay, except for the flare effect of the sun, which was added to the final image using Gimp. The scene also uses the good old tree and bush models from Summer Garden.

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