Although pretty old by now (it's from 1989), Xenon 2 from The Bitmap Brothers can still be considered one of the classic shoot'em'up-games for the PC. I still play it and I still like to play it.

Unfortunatly, after playing the game for such a long time, there inevitably comes the point where you can finish the whole thing with eyes closed and your left hand tied to your chair and still pass through all sectors without losing even one life ;-) The game just becomes too easy and needs some kind of change.

And that is, where Xened comes into play: Xened is a program, that will allow you to edit the sector-maps, weapon-prices as well as the sector-events (i.e. the enemies) for all sectors, thus making it possible to create whole new challenges, make the game harder for the experienced player or easier to learn for beginners.

I've heard that the game is even available freely now. Search the web...

Current version

Current version is 1.01 (released September 2001)

The following things were changed/added:


Xened may be downloaded from this site:

The archives contain the sources for OS/2, DOS and GNU/Linux and binaries for DOS and OS/2.

The MD5 checksum for xened101.zip is 718019811004904a4a5d1190c95a3b99. If you have GnuPG or PGP you may also be interested in the GPG signature for xened101.zip. Please read the security notes.


Starting with v1.01 Xened is free software under the GPL.

It still would be nice if you decided to write me a short mail (<thth*c2226.de>) or postcard or something telling me if you like the program.


Next release

There will not be a next release, at least not from me. The source code for the program is available, so everybody has the opportunity to add features or remove bugs him/herself.


You can e-Mail me at <thth*c2226.de> but I'm not really able to provide support any more.

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